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if you are looking at sharing the same destination addresses, many
kamailio can connect to the same database.

If you have active-active LBs want to notify the other LB about a change
in a state of a destination, then you can use the event_route blocks
executed by dispatcher module to notify the other LB -- you can do it
with uac module/uac_req_send() or triggering a rpc (xmlrpc/jsonrpc)

On the other hand, each LB is able to detect the state of the
destination, so trying to sync a LB from the other will add a complexity
that doesn't bring much benefits. You are better keeping the LB as
simple as possible, so its resources are oriented towards routing sip
traffic at high volume, rather than sync'ing states that are not going
to make much difference in routing the sip.


On 19/01/16 08:38, sandeep goje wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using Kamailio as a load balancer with call load distribution to
> Freeswitch Gateways. I need a HA cluster of Kamailio. I have seen
> instructions to setup Kamailio HA cluster using KeepAlive but I also
> want them to share the load balancing information. I have seen
> OpenSIPS supports this. Is there a way in Kamailio to make both load
> balancers also share the load balancing information.
> Thank you.
> Regards,
> Sandeep
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