[SR-Users] IMS terminating dialog does not re-run through all iFCs after calling t_newtran()

Russell McConnachie russell at mcconnachie.ca
Thu Jan 14 19:18:36 CET 2016


My CSCF environment has an application server acting as a B2BUA.  It's
originating a new session, and creating a new terminating session back to
the S-CSCF (two separate sessions per-call).  When I perform a re-INVITE
with a diversion to transfer the call to another URI it is all good until
the S-CSCF attempts to call the call control logic:

# Start new transaction:

if (isc_match_filter("orig", "location")) {

The t_newtran() method from what I understand will create a new
transaction.  Inside of this new transaction, I would think that the
isc_match_filter should re-run through all of the iFCs defined on the HSS
service profile, but it does not seem to be doing so.  It seems to be
continuing at where the original transaction ISC mark skip point was set.

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