[SR-Users] Kamailio IMS deployment

Franz Edler franz.edler at technikum-wien.at
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the p-, i- and scscf.sh files are not required, because these are from the origin OpenIMScore which I installed in an intermediate step (which led to an step4-image with origin OpenIMScore).


Unfortunately the log-file  which I provided yesterday also included this part.  I now have updated the log-file (now attached) and eliminated this part (step4) which is not relevant for IMS on Kamailio.


Now, how to start the platform:

HSS: see line 591 – 596

P-CSCF: line 609                kamailio -f /usr/local/etc/kamailio/kamailio-pcscf.cfg

I-CSCF: line 614                 kamailio -f /usr/local/etc/kamailio/kamailio-icscf.cfg

S-CSCF: line 621                kamailio -f /usr/local/etc/kamailio/kamailio-scscf.cfg


Additional info: 

I configured for testing the kamailio -instances to run in foreground. Therefore you need at least 4 console windows (HSS, P-, I- and S-CSCF). For starting tcpdump for trace-file you need a 5th console.

I prefer to use “screen” command to generate the different screens.


I hope that helps.


For the basic call I used two IMS clients (“Mercuro Silver” and “Boghe”) running on the Windows host. The clients are configured as Alice and Bob with authentication AKAv1-MD5.

Authentication data are in HSS preconfigured.


If you do not have IMS clients you can start with pure SIP-clients (using digest authentication MD5 instead of AKAv1-MD5). 

But for that you have to change the REG_AUTH_DEFAULT_ALG parameter in scscf.cfg accordingly.

And probably also the default authentication scheme in HSS (USER IDENTITIES -> Private Identity). 

I did not test this. But in case of problems you should provide a tracefile produced with “tcpdump -i any -s 3000 -w /var/tmp/trace.pcap not port 22 and not port 3306”.


Good luck.





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Hi Franz,


could you please provide me small description about how to start all nodes(HSS,P/I/S-CSCF and basic call.

it would be more helpful to me. And also i was unable to find ./p,i,scscf.sh files under root as described in the log file but i can see only hss.sh .


Thanks in advance!







On Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 2:45 PM, Daniel-Constantin Mierla < <mailto:miconda at gmail.com> miconda at gmail.com> wrote:


thanks for sharing these, I expect to help a lot the people starting to build an IMS core with Kamailio.

If you can send me a short description of the IMS network you built with these configs, I would like to post a news article on  <http://kamailio.org> kamailio.org to make it more visible.



On 06/01/16 16:09, Franz Edler wrote:

Hi Ramya,


I now succeeded to configure a stripped down version of Kamilio IMS.


Here is my log-file and the config-files used:   <https://www.dropbox.com/s/ehkzi9pbhlp7njc/Kamailio-IMS%20config-files.zip?dl=0> https://www.dropbox.com/s/ehkzi9pbhlp7njc/Kamailio-IMS%20config-files.zip?dl=0

As you can see in the log-file I used several steps to configure the IMS platform. The last step (step 5) contains basic Kamailio and basic IMScore.

For the configuration of the IMS core I disabled all additional functions (NAT, dispatcher, SBC …etc) which are not necessary for the core function. 

I kept the configuration scheme of the original OpenIMSCore using same IP-address but different ports for P-CSCF (4060), I-CSCF (5060) and S-CSCF (6060).

I hope I have included all relevant files.


And here is the VMware-image of the last step 5: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pwwx009hiigt27v/Debian_8.2-step5-basicKamailio%26basicIMScore.zip?dl=0 

For the VMware configuration I used the following IP addresses:                the Kamailio guest system             the host system (Windows Notebook)


I hope that fits for you. In case of any questions you may ask.

BR Franz


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I am newbie to kamailio world and we would like to deploy Kamailio based IMS platform. Can any body share the link or Step by step procedure(user Guide) to deploy Kamailio IMS. 





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