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Hello Kevin,If I understood properly you want to build a system which authenticates users and routes the Asterisk servers for communication.
First, Kamailio supports the routing, balancing and authentication. For example we use Kamailio and Freeswitch. Here the how its work:We have 1 Kamailio server that makes routes and balancing issues.First client goes to our Kamailio servers:
Client -> Internet -> Kamailio (authentication) (address, asked for communication)
After that, Kamailio looks the Freeswitch servers, which is free for routing.
                  (sending)Kamailio -----------------> Freeswitch Server                  (user req)
After routing proccess, Kamailio fade from the scene and clients start communicate with themselves via Freeswitch servers.
BTW, our Freeswitch servers and Kamailio servers stay on different servers. Of course you can serve on same server too.If I understood properly, you can do it like this. If I did not, you can give more details for understanding :)
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I work for a VOIP service provider, and have been tasked
with optimizing our infrastructure.  We have been providing VOIP services
to our clients via Asterisk VM’s (PIAF) in an ESXi environment, hosted in a
datacenter.  We are looking for some kind of SIP Router, which would
authenticate clients and route their SIP traffic to the appropriate
server.  By doing so, we are hoping to further secure our infrastructure
and to possibly have only one Public IP (which would resolve to the Private IP
of the SIP router).  The Asterisk servers serve
Router would therefore route all SIP traffic between the phones and the
Asterisk servers, ad the phones would register to the SIP Router.  I have
tried many solutions (Kamailio, OpenSER, siproxd, Brekeke), but have not been
able to configure these services to work the way we want them to.  I am
including a chart along with this email to outline what we would like to


Any suggestions or guides would be immensely appreciated.


Thank you all for your time. 





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