[SR-Users] Installation issues

Ed Todd ed.todd at comcast.net
Mon Feb 22 05:40:40 CET 2016

I tried installing the pre-compiled version of 4.3 under Debian and had all sorts of problems. I found there were 2 sets of paths involved in documentation/procedures plus a reference to a 3rd which caused a complete failure when the directory referred to was missing. I ran into more problems when I tried to access my server from outside my network (static IP). So I thought I’d bite the bullet and install from source. I get to the bit where I am creating the database and even more errors: 
  a.. cannot connect to local mysql server 
  b.. kamdbctl.mysql 112: unary operator expected
In one part of the procedure it refers to db_mysql and another to mysql. Is there a simple installation guide around anywhere which will help me get around all these problems? All I want is a Debian with KAMAILIO running on it!
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