[SR-Users] how to drop 200ok and survive?

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 09:09:55 CET 2016


On 18/02/16 20:35, Uri Shacked wrote:
> Hi,
> for some strange reason, ask my regulator.... i need to manipulate
> certain calls.
> the scenario goes like this:
> 1. caller sends invite to kamailio.
> 2. kamailio transfer the call to asterisk.
> 3. asterisk send progress and play "hello".
> 4. asterisk creates a new call (dial) to the same kamailio with
> destination callee.
> 5. the callee answers the call.
> here, i need to block the 200ok. so that the caller does not receive it.
> i managed to block it with t_suspend().
> but, there is no bidirectional media.
> the 183 progress was sent with sendreceive.
> it seems the asterisk is waiting for the ACK in order to open both
> ways for media.
> i tried to use uac_send_req() but it is being sent with no to tag. and
> when i try manipulating the uac_req(turi) it does not help because it
> takes all the string i entered and wraps it with <>.
> any ideas?
But if asterisk is waiting for ACK, that is not going to happen if you
drop the 200ok.

Maybe Asterisk is waiting for PRACK following the 183, can you check the
Requires header in 183?

While 200ok can be dropped by having a reply_route with drop for 200ok,
it doesn't feel like it is solving what you are looking for.


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