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Kranti Kumar krantikumara at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 07:32:43 CET 2016

Hi Franz,

Could you please share the SIP generator .

Thank you so much in advance.


On Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 12:40 PM, <sainath.ellendula at wipro.com> wrote:

> Hi Franz,
> Thanks a lot for your support.
> Traces decoded with diameter and could able to see the messages correctly.
> Yes, I am interested to capture traces using sip-scenario generator tool.
> Can you please provide that tool.
> Somewhere I have read in Kamailio forum that, Call setup has successful
> happened using "Boghe IMS client" and " Mercuro-Silver".
> Currently We are trying to automate the basic call scenario using Boghe
> IMS client, It would be better if you can provide "Mercuro-Silver", So that
> call can be established between two different IMS Client. Tried finding in
> google for "Mercuro-Silver" but couldn't get it.
> Thanks in advance!!
> Regards,
> Sainath
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> Hi Sainath,
> > It's working fine with given zone-files.
> > Now, I could able to setup a call between two users, Please find
> > attachment of tcpdump.
> Thats fine and congratulation.
> > Small clarification, I have started capturing of tcpdump before
> > starting of other components including hss. But I don't see any
> > diameter messages in Wireshark traces(tcpdump).
> That is caused by the fact that the 3 involved diameter nodes (HSS, I-CSCF
> and S-CSCF) use 3 different ports for Diameter (3868, 3869 and 3870).
> Only port 3868 is the assigned port number to Diameter, the other two port
> numbers (3869 and 3870) are not.
> The reason for this is a historic one. The OpenIMSCore platform used one
> common IP-address for all tree nodes and therefore different port-numbers
> had to be used.
> Wireshark has limited possibilities to automatically detect the protocol
> behind a stream when port numbers deviating from the assigned ones are
> used.You have to tell that to Wireshark.
>  Just take the two packets (#10 and #17) and  in your tracefile
> trace_12_2_2016_12.pcap and tell Wireshark "decode as Diameter" and you
> will see what you might have expected.
> In your case, where you now succeeded to split the platform with different
> IP-addresses this constraint has gone.
> There is no reason to not use the same "assigned" port number 3868 for all
> three nodes. This could be the next challenge for you to reconfigure.
> I have also added a message diagram produced with sip-scenario generator
> which helps a lot in debugging. Just extract both html files and open the
> one with the shorter filename (trace_12_2_2016_12_index.html).
> The sip-scenario generator is an open-source-tool but unfortunately with
> no support anymore. But it is really helpful.
> If you are interested I can provide the tool.
> BR
> Franz
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