[SR-Users] Terminate dialogs on [websocket:closed]

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 09:59:17 CET 2016


perhaps you can just lower the dialog lifetime in the websocket event
route, then dialog will take care of sending the BYEs, without the need
to store additional information in hash table.


On 09/02/16 23:37, mayamatakeshi wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using module websocket and it works very well.
> However I would like to send BYE to the other end if event
> [websocket:closed] happens.
> From the docs I can see websocket module itself doesn't provide for this.
> I was considering doing something like this:
>   - use module htable to match $si:$sp to dialogs
>   - use event_route[dialog:start] to insert dialog info to my htable
> under $si:$sp of Websocket side of the call
>   - use event_route[dialog:end] to remove dialog info from htable
>   - use event_route[websocket:closed] to iterate over entries in the
> htable under key $si:$sp and call dlg_get() and dlg_bye().
> Obs: in the above, there is a risk of losing some dialogs as insertion
> in htable cannot be done atomically, but I am fine with it as it it
> not expected to happen as WebSocket users would only infrequently
> generate simultaneous calls. 
> However before going with this, I would like to ask for other possible
> approaches.
> Regards,
> Takeshi
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