[SR-Users] Kamailio IMS deployment

Franz Edler franz.edler at technikum-wien.at
Tue Feb 9 16:20:04 CET 2016


> Even we observed in Wireshark traces, no username is included in REGISTER
> request. Any changes required?
> No, we are not using NATURAL in our platform.

The "NATURAL" has been an automatic spell checking of my tablet. It should have been "NAT".

> Observed there is no communication between PCSCF – ICSCF while
> registration and also attaching the tracefile(tcpdump) using command
> “tcpdump -i any -s 3000 -w /var/tmp/trace_OpenIMS.pcap not port 22 and
> not port 3306”.

As you can see in the trace: The P-CSCF forwards the REGISTER request to which is not the I-CSCF (and not prepared to receive such messages).
You should check the forwarding to I-CSCF in kamailio-pcscf.cfg.

Next time you should start with the trace also at startup of the x-CSCF to see that the Diameter connections are up and running.

BR Franz

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