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SamyGo govoiper at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 18:51:56 CET 2016

Interesting discussion going on. Ive to ask can OP use shared location
table between different kamailio servers and use db mode 3.
All he has to do is if UA B calls UA A via Kamailio2 he just needs to find
the received socket and if it is not local Kamailio2 then route to the IP
maybe attach a custom header and relay call to Kamailio1.
Kamailio1 gets call with the custom headers sends call to route(LOCATION)
or w/e he has for lookups.

On Feb 3, 2016 06:19, "Daniel Tryba" <d.tryba at pocos.nl> wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 03, 2016 at 01:48:50PM +0330, Gholamreza Sabery wrote:
> > Actually I think something is not clear here. Suppose I want to use two
> > Kamailio servers such that a client which is registered on server A is
> able
> > to call another client registered on server B. In this case I use DB_MODE
> > 3. Both servers have access to location database but sockets are
> non-local
> > and cleints are behind symmetric NATs.Now  only the server on which the
> > client is registered and sent it's request to is able to respond(because
> of
> > symmetric NAT). Is it possible to implement this scenario using Path
> header?
> This is still ambigious, server B can't call the client due to nat, but
> server B can call server A. The trick might be to add a Path header on
> server A before save the register on server A. Or to use custom queries
> to find out that the registered socket isn't local so send the invite to
> the non local adress instead.
> I asked similar questions:
> http://lists.sip-router.org/pipermail/sr-users/2015-April/087867.html
> My final solution is using a really loadbalancer with static config,
> which adds Path and dispatches to individual backends. Difference is
> that server B doesn't INVITE to server A but to the loadbalancer for a
> client registered on server A.
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