[SR-Users] Auth module Issue:UA getting challanged thrice when load

Surendra.P surendra.pullaiah at plintron.com
Mon Oct 19 07:37:11 CEST 2015

Hello Daniel,

	Thanks for your reply. I did some debugging, I found that I am
getting error like this, earlier this log was in DBG mode, changed to error
and then I ran the load.. "auth:pre_auth: Invalid nonce value received (ret
	Problem is that this issue getting simulated every time. I am using
auth module version of kamailio 4.1.5 , since I checked with latest kamailio
version 4.3.2 , I didn't find any differences in this module. Please find my
finding below


b_nonce2_len=calc_bin_nonce_md5(&b_nonce2, cfg, secret1, secret2, msg);
 if (!memcmp(&b_nonce.n.md5_1[0], &b_nonce2.n.md5_1[0], 16)) // here where
condition is getting failed and it is returning 2.



are there any error messages in the syslog?

Maybe setting debug level for auth modules to 3 and looking at logs will
help to reveal what is happening. Be sure syslog is in async mode,
otherwise it will slow down processing.


On 16/10/15 08:42, Surendra.P wrote:
> Hello Daniel,
>                 I have a concern regarding auth module, I am running
> 2000 TPS for  1000000 subscribers, using SIPP. What I observed when
> you run small load like 500 TPS, everything get passed, but for 2000 TPS
> With same subscriber.csv file some of the subscribers getting
> challenged. May I this why auth module is behaving like this.. below
> are the parameters which I configured in auth module
> modparam("auth", "nonce_expire", 3600), rest all parameters default
> values.
> Regards
> Surendra

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