[SR-Users] kamctl rtpproxy nh_show_rtpp not working

amar Smart Telecom amar at smarttel.com.np
Thu Oct 15 06:14:34 CEST 2015

Dear all,


I have installed Kamailio and Rtpproxy. Following is the process (ps) info:


"kamailio   648     1  0 Oct08 ?        00:00:05 /usr/bin/rtpproxy -s
udp: 7722 -u kamailio kamailio -p /var/run/rtpproxy/rtpproxy.pid -l"


But when I give command: " kamctl mi nh_show_rtpp" it returns following:

"500 command 'nh_show_rtpp' not available"


What could be the problem?





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