[SR-Users] msilo dump with non 2xx answer

Péter Barabás peter.barabas at arenim.com
Thu Oct 8 11:58:26 CEST 2015


I set instant message store&forward in kamailio using MSILO module. It works fine in many cases.
We have special message handing (encryption in "session"), i do not go into detail since it is not necessarily to solve the problem.
So there are situations, when the offline receiver  should get a MESSAGE and will acknowledge with 4xx status code, like 493: the original message is stored in silo table and when the receiver will be online, it will be dumped and he will send 493.

Question: how can I delete the message from silo table with MSILO (since it is not 2xx) and how can i forward this ack message to the original sender instead kamailio?


Dr. Péter Barabás
Director of Software Development
Arenim Technologies AB.

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