[SR-Users] Proposing new logo for Kamailio project

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 11:44:00 CET 2015


the logo is still trying to resemble the idea of world (360°) of
communications - a transformed and simplified version of kamailio world.
SIP is supposed to be the protocol that lets anyone initiate any type of

Kamailio is definitely not a telephony engine and I don't think is good
to add any symbol that will suggest it.


On 03/12/15 10:57, Sven Neuhaus wrote:
> Am 03.12.2015 um 10:28 schrieb Daniel-Constantin Mierla:
>> http://www.kamailio.org/w/2015/12/proposing-new-logo-for-kamailio-project/
>> We look forward to the feedback from community about this proposal - you
>> like it or not, is too similar with other logos, etc...
> Hello,
> the logo looks nice - it is a huge improvement over the old one - but I
> don't see a deeper meaning in it. Is there one?
> If not, perhaps the swirls could be slightly altered so they look
> slightly like telephone receivers [1]?
> Or if that doesn't look good, change the swirls so they resemble the
> familiar "signal" icon [2]?
> Regards,
> -Sven
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