[SR-Users] add feature to dmq to allow for HA (heartbeat or pacemaker)

Vik Killa vipkilla at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 14:42:20 CEST 2015

I was looking to implement HA with 2 Kamailio machines.
I am aware of the dmq module and I thought that would be a great place to
The problem I see is that dmq module does not have any "failure" callback
For instance, if KamA sends dmq ping to KamB, and KamB does not respond
(perhaps because it's down), then nothing happens.
I looked into using the dmq API and checked the dmq code to see
how send_message() function works, and I dont see any indication that there
is a failure callback.
I would be a great improvement to add this sort of functionality to dmq and
then other modules or code can be written to use the API to detect when
another Kam box is up or down. This could lead to another module like
dmq_ha (I'm open to writing this)

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