[SR-Users] Possible bug in TM module

Mickael Marrache mickaelmarrache at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 13:56:41 CEST 2015



For now, I got it only once, I will keep an eye on it.





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On 22/04/15 11:26, Mickael Marrache wrote:



I just got the following issue when stopping kamailio.


kamailio[7279]: NOTICE: <core> [main.c:682]: handle_sigs(): Thank you for
flying kamailio!!!

kamailio[7279]: ERROR: ctl [ctl.c:369]: mod_destroy(): ERROR: ctl: could not
delete unix socket /tmp/kamailio_ctl: Operation not permitted (1)

kamailio[7279]: : <core> [mem/f_malloc.c:586]: fm_free(): BUG: fm_free: bad
pointer 0x4f2dec6200000000 (out of memory block!), called from tm:
h_table.c: free_cell(138) - aborting


I always get the first ERROR when I stop kamailio, I need to look at the
permissions. However, the next one is a bug.

the first one should be fixed with the new release. With old versions, ctl
module doesn't inherits the user/group set by the core, you would have to
set it in the ctl module via params.

The second can happen in very rare cases -- if there was a transaction in
the process of freeing, then signal interrupted it. Parts of the transaction
structure that were freed could have been allocated already and value
overwritten. But the transaction itself was not removed from the list, so
the main process will attempt a cleanup at shutdown, ending in some invalid
pointer data.

If you get it every time, then is likely a bug. If you get it very rare,
then it can be the above case.

Perhaps we can add a flag saying it is shutdown where to be more flexible in
handling these situations.


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