[SR-Users] fifo error and kamailio wont start

Bruno Emer brunoemer at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 16:37:39 CEST 2015

Ok Joli!

Here is the way I do this.

At the begining of your kamailio.cfg, just after "#!KAMAILIO" insert this

#!define WITH_DEBUG

In your global parameters, you must now define what happens if "WITH_DEBUG"
is configurated, so add these lines:

#!ifdef WITH_DEBUG

On Modules Selection, load the module debbuger.so:

#!ifdef WITH_DEBUG
loadmodule "debugger.so"

And set the module specific parameters:

#!ifdef WITH_DEBUG
# ----- debugger params -----
modparam("debugger", "cfgtrace", 1)

Maybe some of these informations can be there, but I am not sure about the
default configuration file.

After these changes, restart your kamailio and you should see a lot of
information in your screen. Then, just try to find the error there.

I just asked something here in this forum as well, and posted my .cfg file
there. If you want to check the places where I put these lines, take a look
at the topic "MULTIDOMAIN Environment".

After discover the error and finish your troubleshooting, you can just
comment the line #!define WITH_DEBUG putting one more # at the beginning of
it and you will not see the debug information anymore.

*Bruno Emer*
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