[SR-Users] Are there any good arguments (except political ones) for not using Kamailio within Docker?

davy van de moere davy.van.de.moere at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 08:37:53 CEST 2014


I've been loving OpenVZ for a multitude of deployments in the last 24
months, but recently I stumbled over Docker, and I really like it!

It's simplicity is very appealing. I was trying to find good reasons not to
use Docker in production environments.

So far I couldn't get any further than that it's pretty new, and that it is
not having a great reputation in resource allocation. On a first check I
think OpenVZ is also much more flexible in it's networking, but that might
be my lack of understanding of Docker.

Typically I have my setups mixed with Postgres/Mysql and Freeswitch.

As such the question, any good reason not to use Docker?


Davy Van De Moere
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