[SR-Users] Dispatcher - failure_route to specific node

Nicholas Gill nick at etellicom.com
Mon Sep 15 01:09:38 CEST 2014

On 14/09/14 20:00, sr-users-request at lists.sip-router.org wrote:
> In your script snippets it seems
> that upon receiving the 302, in the failure route you set the $du and then
> you pass the message to a RELAY route, which I suppose sends the 407 reply.
This seems to be the case, yes. The 407 comes from kamailio on the 
already authenticated call. I presume this is done to trigger the caller 
to send another INVITE.
> If you don't need for special reasons that the user performs a proxy
> authentication, in the failure route you could just relay the INVITE to the
> target FreeSWITCH after setting $du to the value of your custom header.
This is exactly what I'm hoping to do, but I'm not sure of the correct 
configuration to achieve this.

It was my intention to relay the INVITE to the target server by setting 
the $du and then trigger the RELAY route. I have also tried setting $du 
and then calling t_relay() directly, but I suspect I'm missing something 
minor but important.



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