[SR-Users] send_reply in app_java or app_mono?

Konstantin M. evilzluk at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 00:45:29 CEST 2014

Tom, please take a look to:
here you can see a part of code in Kamailio.java:
//          retval = KamExec("append_hf", "P-hint: VOICEMAIL\r\n");

so, you can execute kamailio command using KamExec(command, params)

2014-09-12 0:03 GMT+04:00 Tom Johnson <TJohnson at microautomation.com>:

>  Is there a way to call the send_reply method of the route from either
> Java or csharp?   As I have been having issues with the app_java, I have
> been looking at app_mono and it seems to have better access to the
> variables, etc.   However, the SR.core.ModF only seems to take methods that
> do not take parameters.
> Or for that matter, is there a way to return something back to the route
> in the config file which it can use to call send_reply?  I have a strange
> requirement to return 202 rather than 200 from subscription requests and a
> 603 if it fails.
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