[SR-Users] Recommendation for toggling MSILO m_store auto-notification reply on/off

Anthony Messina amessina at messinet.com
Sat Sep 6 02:39:52 CEST 2014

Using Kamailio 4.2-dev and MSILO, is it possible to "toggle" the auto-
notification reply MESSAGE using something similar to the following where 
"$var(msilo_reply)" is emtpy at startup (or are there suggestions for a better 

modparam("msilo", "from_address", "$var(msilo_reply)")

	$var(msilo_reply)="$rU at example.net";

My use case is that I would like the auto-notification reply to occur in some 
instances, but not others.  I also do not want to create a loop where the 
auto-notification replies are also stored.  I was originally using a simple 
test: if(src_ip!=myself), but I have begun to use the IMC module as well as 
the EXEC module and these MESSAGEs appear to originate from "myself."

Looking at the MSILO documentation I see there is "extra_hdrs(string)," but 
this appears to be designed to add headers to dumped MESSAGEs. I was hoping 
there would be a way to add a custom header to the auto-notification, on which 
I could filter/drop generated replies earlier in the route, but it doesn't 
appear that this exists.

My preference for the best-case scenario would be to control the generation of 
the auto-notification reply in the first place rather than having to add a 
control to detect the reply and drop it.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

Anthony - https://messinet.com/ - https://messinet.com/~amessina/gallery
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