[SR-Users] Minimalist Kamilio configuration example using dynamic routing module

Gary Wallis gary.wallis at voicecarrier.com
Thu Apr 24 16:34:44 CEST 2014


We are moving away from OpenSIPS and would like to start testing Kamailio.

I really liked how Kamailio complies so clean and is configured easily 
in comparison with OpenSIPS monstrosity.

So to not waste time can anybody provide some practical info for...

Kamailio complilation and config examples (w/MySQL) to route Carrier SIP 
(DID incoming and outgoing PSTN termination) traffic to and from 
Asterisk PBXs.

Example current OpenSIPS setup using dynamic routing module:

1-. dr_rules have the complete DID for PBXs (for incoming traffic from 
Carriers to be proxied to the correct PBX).

2-. dr_rules have the partial DID for Carrier gateways (for example 
based on internatinal, state, etc. routing of outgoing traffic from PBXs 
to Carriers).

3-. dr_gateways have the IP numbers for PBXs.

4-. dr_gateways have the IP numbers for Carriers.

Any info and pointers appreciated.

Best regards,

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