[SR-Users] sql_xquery() and xavp checks

Fred Posner fred at palner.com
Sat Apr 5 17:42:35 CEST 2014

When I use xquery, I generally use it with a stored procedure that 
returns a value if not matched... so I always return at least one row 
with a variable of 'fail', -1, etc. to evaluate.

I like this for a variety of reasons (ie changing sql without changing 
the config)... but that being said...

Wouldn't this still work for you:

if($dbr(gateways=>rows)>0) { }

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On 04/05/2014 11:32 AM, Alex Balashov wrote:
> Hi,
> When using sql_xquery() like this:
>     sql_xquery("ca", "SELECT * FROM gateways", "gateways");
> ... what's a good way to check if any rows were returned? Since one does
> not have a $dbr(gateways=>rows) value in this scenario, what should one do?
> - is_avp_set("$xavp(gateways=>id)")) does not appear to operate on
> XAVPs, or at least, the fixup functions reject them:
> ERROR: avpops [avpops.c:935]: fixup_is_avp_set(): bad attribute name
> <$xavp(gateways=>id)>
> - the 'defined' operator does not appear to return a negative condition
> here:
>     if(!defined $xavp(gateways=>id))
> This condition evaluates to true.
> Much appreciated!
> -- Alex

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