[SR-Users] Understunding the routing logic with WebSockets

DURECU, OLIVIER (OLIVIER) olivier.durecu at alcatel-lucent.com
Wed Apr 2 09:45:26 CEST 2014

Hi experts,

Using websockets, I am facing a behavior I can't manage explaining : on reception of an initial REGISTER (over websocket), it seems that the routing logic in the request_route method is not invoked

Extract of my Kamailio.cfg to explain
Request_route {
xlog("L_DBG", "Entering request_route for $rm")

Onreply_route[REGISTER_reply] {
        If (t_check_status("200")) xlog("L_DBG", "REGISTER OK")

Event_route[xhttp:request] {
xlog("L_DBG", "XHTTP Request received")

In my logs, I only see
>       XHTTP Request received

No trace of "Entering request route for REGISTER" ! whereas for a subsequent INVITE, I see the trace

Any explanation ? because of this, the fix_nated_register() is not called, and I suspect this causes the troubles I meet trying to make call with websockets

Olivier DURECU
Bell Labs / IP Platform Research
Villarceaux Center
Tel: +33(0) 130772759
GSM: +33(0) 683776482

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