[SR-Users] Communicate with Kamailio through external application

Grant Bagdasarian GB at cm.nl
Mon Sep 30 09:01:00 CEST 2013


I've loaded the mi_rpc module and configured the rpc_url param, but I can't issue the kamcmd mi ds_reload command from the web interface. Executing the command in the console works just fine, but only when I leave the binrpc modparam as default.
I'm probably doing something wrong.

# ----- xhttp params ------
modparam("xhttp", "url_match", "^/http_rpc")

# ----- xhttp_rpc params ------
modparam("xhttp_rpc", "xhttp_rpc_root", "http_rpc")

# ----- mi_rpc params ------

The mi_rpc documentation says: "rpc_url". This parameter is required if you need to run RPC commands from the MI. It must match a URL to which the RPC is bound.
Is this referring to the binrpc modparam?

Any tips?

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It would appear then that unixodbc support is not currently available in kamctl directly, so you are in fact limited to MI command ds_reload.

For your case, you could try loading MI_RPC module which exports an additional RPC command: mi.

Then issue your command like:

kamcmd mi ds_reload

If that works for you, then the same command passed via xhttp_rpc should also work.



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