[SR-Users] dispatcher: set $du in failure_route

Grant Bagdasarian GB at cm.nl
Wed Sep 18 16:53:04 CEST 2013

My Dispatcher table has been extended with more columns and also functions as our routing table.
I’ve modified the names of the columns Dispatcher uses to match the columns of the routing table.
One of the columns contains the address which is used to set the $du value.
So, for every request I’m executing a stored procedure using sqlops to select the address of the SBC (for $du) and the set id to use for the dispatcher.

If I’m correct, the dispatcher table is loaded into memory once Kamailio is started or the table is reloaded.
In case the first destination fails, how would I get the address of the next SBC to reset the $du value in failure_route?
I think I can do it using the setid and the next priority, but how do I access these two values in failure_route?

Are there any other solutions to this, perhaps other modules with similar functionality as the dispatcher module?

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Of course.
Grant Bagdasarian <GB at cm.nl<mailto:GB at cm.nl>> wrote:

Can the $du value also be set in a failure_route? For instance in the case the first destination fails.

I’m currently setting the $du value before I’m calling the ds_next_domain function in request_route.
We have multiple carriers which are connected to different SBCs.

In case $du is not re-set in failure_route, Kamailio will try to send the INVITE to the carrier directly, bypassing the SBC, correct?




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