[SR-Users] SCA Module Drops Shared Line if Barge-In Aborted on Polycom

Robert Boisvert rdboisvert at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 15:55:05 CEST 2013

SCA Developers,

I ran into a problem using the SCA module and was looking for some
assistance for the following situation. Can you help? Here is the scenario:

   1. When a conversation is occurring on a shared line with Polycom phones;
   2. Another caller on the same shared line picks up the phone and uses
   the barge-in feature;
   3. The caller aborts the barge-in before being connected;
   4. SCA or Polycom, I don't know which at this point, turns off the LEDs
   on the shared line and then the shared line no longer behaves like a shared
   5. Even though the existing shared call continues, if the new caller
   picks up the shared line he gets a green LED, hears a dial tone and is not
   prompted to barge-in by the soft keys.
   6. When all parties end the conversation the shared line returns to its
   previous correct behavior.

Have you seen something like this? Do you have any suggestions on how to
troubleshoot or workaround the problem?
Thanks again for your help. The SCA module remains a very useful product
for us,
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