[SR-Users] next irc devel meeting - proposed for Sep 12, 2013

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Mon Sep 2 09:50:32 CEST 2013


I'm considering to have a new IRC devel meeting to plan a bit the 
development for the near future (among them, nail down goals and dates 
for next major release). The proposed date is next week on Thursday, at 
14:00UTC, on #kamailio channel from irc.freenode.net.

I create a wiki page for it at:
- https://www.kamailio.org/wiki/devel/irc-meetings/2013b

First thing to decide is the date and time, if it is something 
convenient for many people. If not, propose other dates and we will 
chose the one when most of the people are available.

Also, feel free to add to agenda. For now I just created a basic list, I 
will add more myself as well.


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