[SR-Users] Call_control after executing dlg_manage()

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Mon Oct 14 11:06:29 CEST 2013


On 10/14/13 10:07 AM, Efelin Novak wrote:
> Hi folks,
> i have a problem with call_control module. I get a following log from 
> kamailio
> kamailio[15066]: WARNING: call_control [call_control.c:1159]: 
> postprocess_request(): dialog to trace controlled call was not 
> created. discarding callcontrol.
> and following log from call_control python application
> Call id <call-id> of 1000 at domain.com <mailto:1000 at domain.com> to 
> sip:0033000000 at domain.com <mailto:sip%3A0033000000 at domain.com> 
> canceled by user
> As far as I can see the call_control module runs a 
> postprocess_request() function which checks whether the dialog was 
> created by checking FL_USE_CALL_CONTROL variable.
> This variable is set at the time of the registration of call_controll 
> to the dialog module DLGCB_CREATED.
> Therefore if I call the call_control() function in kamailio after the 
> dlg_manage, the FL_USE_CALL_CONTROL cannot be set and the call_control 
> won't work.
> In my configuration I would like to call the dlg_manage at the 
> beginning of the script for example because of uac_replace_from as I 
> have AUTO_RESTORE mode ON.
> I have kamailio 4.0.2 and call_control 2.0.15.
> Is there anything I can fix in a script or configuration or this is an 
> implementation problem?

you can call dlg_manage() inside if conditions for initial requests and 
within dialog requests. So for initial you have it towards the end of 
the script. Anyhow, in both cases, do it as much as possible before 


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