[SR-Users] Dialog module columns not found in .c files

Grant Bagdasarian GB at cm.nl
Fri Nov 29 08:11:31 CET 2013


Using 4.0.4:

I'm getting the following error (removed the values part of the query):

3(2931) ERROR: db_unixodbc [dbase.c:133]: db_unixodbc_submit_query(): rv=-1. Query= insert into Dialogs (HashEntry,HashID,CallID,FromURI,FromTag,ToURI,ToTag,CallerSock,CalleeSock,StartTime,State,Timeout,CallerCSeq,CalleeCSeq,CallerRouteSet,CalleeRouteSet,CallerContact,CalleeContact,SFlags,ToRouteName,req_uri,xdata,iflags )
3(2931) ERROR: db_unixodbc [con.c:220]: db_unixodbc_extract_error(): unixodbc:SQLExecDirect=42S22:1:207:[FreeTDS][SQL Server]Invalid column name 'req_uri'.

The dialog.c file infact doesn't contain the req_uri_column, x_data_column and the iflags_column in static param_export_t mod_params[],static int mod_init(void).
The dlg_db_handler.c files does contain them in the beginning of the file and in static int select_entire_dialog_table(db1_res_t ** res, int fetch_num_rows).
I haven't checked the other remaining files, but I think the only problem is the renaming of these columns in the kamailio script.

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this?
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