[SR-Users] Regarding Kamailio Sip Server

Naveen Chand tnaveenchand24 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 28 06:16:54 CET 2013

Dear Sir,

well i would like to know,is there any web interface for kamailio to
configure complete configuration part,database,modules and upgrades similar
like Astrix server ,Kamailio Sip server is Really Rock Solid server,when i
first visited your site,i saw the name called Rock Solid ,i thought it just
the call like that ,but after testing it ,it satisfied my needs,that is
Video calling 2 way ,in excellent manner,well i would like to is Kamailio
Sip server is Peer to Peer or not,if it is Peer to Peer,i have tested it ,i
removed the connectivity from Server between Clients when call
established,it worked for 20 mins and after it discards the call  ,so i was
bit confusing that kamailio sip server is Peer to Peer or not,pls confirm
me,if it is peer to Peer,pls send me the step by step instruction how to
configure the Peering module ,But i request you if there is any Web
interface Like Astrix it would be great to control all the elements in

Best Regards
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