[SR-Users] Problems with Siremis Register Page

kamailio at AaronLux.com kamailio at AaronLux.com
Wed Nov 27 04:04:36 CET 2013

I am having the exact same problems as issue as this user.  There is
nothing in the siremis/log/ folder when this happens. I'm running
Siremis 4.0.0 with Kamailio 4.0.4.  Has this issue been fixed?


On 5/18/13 3:22 AM, Alexander Albert wrote:

> Hi there, i hope you can help me, i am having trouble with the
> register page of siremis, strange thing is, i can open the register
> page, but only after i have logged my self in, if not, it redirects me
> directly to the login page.. how can i setup the register page to be
> accessible without the need of logging in ?
> Also i am getting the info after trying to register, that "Public
> registration is not enabled!"
> but i have set siremis/modules/ser/config/common.Main.php to
> $cfg_siremis_public_registrations = true;
> What is the problem, please help.
can you look in siremis/log/ folder, there are some files printing debug
messages, maybe you get hints about what is wrong.


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