[SR-Users] Using the auth_ephemeral module

Peter Dunkley peter.dunkley at crocodilertc.net
Thu Nov 21 17:01:02 CET 2013


You have to write the web-service yourself. The IETF draft referenced in the module documentation explains how the web-service should construct the credentials - the coding for this is trivial.

The mechanism the web-service uses to authenticate the user in the first place (and decide whether to issue credentials or not) will vary from application to application and is entirely up to you.



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> On 21 Nov 2013, at 03:09, Hemanshu Vadehra <hemanshu.v at directi.com> wrote:
> I'm involved in setting up a Kamailio instance and was hoping to make use of the auth_ephemeral module for authentication. But the module documentation doesn't quite make clear how exactly the module is to be employed or the web service set up. Does anyone have a working example?
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> Hemanshu Vadehra
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