[SR-Users] WebRTC - XOR-MAPPED-ADDRESS and bridge mode

Kelvin Chua kelchy at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 09:50:11 CET 2013

here is the scenario:
kamailio 4.0.4 running in bridge mode
eth0 :
eth1 :

a call comes in from ice enabled webrtc client (chrome) from public
kamailio processed the call, no audio.
if i replace kamailio with asterisk, audio ok.

upon investigating using wireshark, i found out that chrome sends a
"Binding Request" for the IP/port in ICE candidate. Kamailio/rtpproxy sends
Binding Success XOR-MAPPED-ADDRESS but the IP is the internal one

this is not right, the response should be the remote IP/port, not the local

Kelvin Chua
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