[SR-Users] kamailio tls.reload core dump

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Fri Nov 15 10:59:48 CET 2013

Hi Ding Ma!

It would be great if you can provide the patch at the tracker.


On 25.10.2013 01:54, Ding Ma wrote:
> Is this the right way to build without optimization?
> make cfg-defs mode=debug
> We'll try this later.
> By the way, after looking at the core dump and the TLS code, found a
> memory leak and an error in tls_free_cfg() and collect_gabarge(). We
> have patched the code, also implemented the locks and changed the
> ref_count to volatile based on the recommendations from Jan Janak's
> email chain. These fixes seem to work. The core dump hasn't happened
> even if we reload tls every 5 mins when there are some active TLS
> connections. Can we make these fixes into kamailio code base? What's the
> process to submit changes for review?
> Thanks,
> Ding
> On 10/24/2013 03:18 AM, Klaus Darilion wrote:
>> You should build Kamailio without optimizations. "<value optimized
>> out>" does not bring much information.
>> regards
>> Klaus
>> On 23.10.2013 21:48, Ding Ma wrote:
>>> Hi, all
>>> This is related to the previous tls.reload not safe email chain. Now we
>>> have a detailed gdb output that shows the stack trace of the core dump.
>>> Please take a look. This looks like a bug. Please let me know if you
>>> have any insights on how to fix this. Thanks,
>>> Ding
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