[SR-Users] t_reply in failure route with dialog module

Efelin Novak efelin.novak at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 10:25:42 CET 2013


when I use t_reply("505", "Error"); in my failure route, the response is
not forwarded and following is written into a log:

kamailio[26216]: WARNING: tm [t_lookup.c:1559]: t_unref(): WARNING: script
writer didn't release transaction

plus next line is written exactly 416000 times into a log afterwards:

kamailio[32685]: CRITICAL: dialog [dlg_hash.c:794]: log_next_state_dlg():
bogus event 4 in state 5 for dlg 0xb4af6588 [2575:7017] with clid
'121d44f0-6555f4c8' and tags 'd12546d053aadc68o2' ''

My point is to change the incoming code from users and append a Q.850
reason code.
Is there any other way how to do this or a way how to fix this?
I'm using Kamilio 4.0.4 on Debian 7.1

The code is as follows:
        if (t_is_canceled()) {
        if($T_reply_code == 408 && isflagset(10))
                xlog("Ringing timeout");
                append_to_reply("Reason: Q.850;cause=28\r\n");
                t_reply("505", "Error");
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