[SR-Users] kamailio dialplan

Fred Posner fred at palner.com
Sat Nov 9 00:13:34 CET 2013

When you dial 43 you get a prompt or 41?

Also, do you see anything in the freeswitch logs or have a sip capture/

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On 11/08/2013 06:04 PM, Joli Martinez wrote:
> I am new to Kamailio and am having an issue with the dialplan setup.  I
> have Kamailio setup as an SBC to handle all user authentication and call
> routing.  I need freeswitch to handle all conferences and voicemails.
>   When I dial 433001 I would like to be transferred to freeswitch for
> conferences.  Right now I have followed the following article and it
> when I dial 433001 call hangs up and never reaches FS.  If I call 43
> call does reach FS and I am able to hear FS play the VM prompt.
> My system is CentoOS 6.4 and FS is installed via yum, but Kamailio is
> complied. Both FS and Kamailio are on the same box.
> What commands would you suggest I use to troubleshoot these issues in
> the future.
> http://kb.asipto.com/freeswitch:kamailio-3.0.x-freeswitch-1.0.6d-ms#dokuwiki__top
> Also, since I am new could you give some pointers as far as security and
> documentation.
> thanks,
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