[SR-Users] Where do I place the logic for modifying auth and call requests?

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That's exactly what I'm after! Thanks a lot. 

2013-11-08 01:03
skrev Grant Bagdasarian: 

> Take a look at:
http://www.kamailio.org/wiki/cookbooks/4.0.x/pseudovariables [2] 
It contains a list of variables you can use inside the kamailio.cfg
> The modules page also provides a lot of information: 
http://www.kamailio.org/docs/modules/4.0.x/ [3] 
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> SUBJECT: [SR-Users] Where do I place the
logic for modifying auth and call requests? 
> Hello everyone. 
Some of my confusion probably comes from me coming from the web
development world and not software dev, but I would greatly appreciate
any response to the following question: 
> I use the MySQL auth for
my subscribers which is working great. However, let's say that I add the
column "valid_until" in the subscriber table and want to check if
today's date is less than the caller's valid_until value. I can set up
the sqlops module without a problem and get the actual value, but I have
no idea where I place the logic to compare it to a date and then pass on
the OK message to Kamailio to continue the request. 
> Is this done
with embedded scripts? Or right there in the config file? Where can I
find a list of what parts of the call request are exposed for
customization from Kamailio? 
> I'd greatly prefer to do things in
Python or JavaScript, if that matters. 
> Many thanks in advance!
Erik Eklund 
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