[SR-Users] SIP registration

Mudasser almudasser at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 7 13:53:39 CET 2013

    I am devloping the chat/call application like 
viber,whatsapp etc  in Android using sip. I want to know 
how i can register the sip account with ur sevrer. what's code which i need to write in my application.suppose if i want to chat or call 
between other person how i can get register without telling user that i 
am going for sip registration means there i cam not going to display sip registration form etc. 

where i can save user message and how i 
can maintain  user info like dispaly name , display pic etc.is there any serverside databse  involvement to save messages,pic etc or sip sever 
maintain automatically. 

Kindly describe in details as i am new in Android 

Thank you
Best Regards
Mudasser Tufail
Senior Software Engineer
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