[SR-Users] Function to test DB connection from route[]?

Daniel Tryba daniel at pocos.nl
Thu Nov 7 10:40:00 CET 2013

On Thursday 07 November 2013 05:31:58 Allen Zhang wrote:
> Is there a function I can use to test database connection from the routing
> script in the cfg file? My dispatcher uses OPTIONS probing. When the
> destination receives the OPTIONS request, I'd like to detect the health
> status of the database connection before sending a 200 back.

Somewhere in the request_route just do a query with a known response and is 
the response matches the expected value return a 200 else something else (or 
nothing at all like below).

                sql_xquery("ca", "select unix_timestamp(now()) as t", "ra");

                        sl_send_reply("200","Up and running");


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