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a note: make a new email when having a new topic, because you get into 
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If you want to control better the timer, then you have to use lower 
functions, such as timer_init(), timer_add() ... see the content of 

That might get complex, an alternative can be have a global variable (in 
shared memory) that you can use to control of the timer function is 
executed or not, with an IF condition at the beginning of the timer 


On 10/31/13 1:14 PM, Karimi-Cherkandi, Bizhan wrote:
> I am currently using register_timer() to register one of ,my timers. 
> Any idea how I would delete this timer later? I noticed that 
> register_timer is new, the functions timer_del() and timer_free() are 
> old and expect 'struct timer_ln *'  which I do not have (this is not 
> used in register_timer())
> thanks
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