[SR-Users] Error Loading db_postgres.so on Startup

Akan forums at akan.net
Wed Jul 25 07:28:55 CEST 2012

I am getting this error when trying to run kamailio on Centos 5.5. I 
have Postgresql 9.1.4 installed and I have tried with both OpenSSL 
v0.9.8e and v1.0.1c and I still get the same error. Any help would be 

ERROR: <core> [sr_module.c:565]: ERROR: load_module: could not open 
module </usr/local/kamailio-3.2/lib64/kamailio/modules/db_postgres.so>: 
/usr/local/kamailio-3.2/lib64/kamailio/modules/db_postgres.so: undefined 
symbol: TLSv1_method



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