[SR-Users] How to rewritehostport() dynamically?

intel at intrans.baku.az intel at intrans.baku.az
Fri Jul 20 13:24:45 CEST 2012

Can I use rewritehostport() function with argument selected at time of
call processing?

I have a lua script, which gets address/port of next hop(from base)
But how to call rewritehostport() with it?
I can't find, how to call this function from lua script directly
(I've tried sr.tm.rewritehostport() and rewritehostport() - no success)
If i set pseudovariable (f.e $avp(relay)) and call
rewritehostport("$avp(relay)") from kamailio.cfg later, i can see in logs
such message:

ERROR: tm [ut.h:327]: failed to resolve "$avp(relay)"

Seems it use name of pv, not value?
What should I do to call this function with correct parameter?


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