[SR-Users] Is this a BUG?

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 11:21:29 CEST 2010

  Hi Timo,

On 8/11/10 11:58 PM, Timo Reimann wrote:
> Hey Brian,
> On 11.08.2010 13:01, dotnetdub wrote:
>> I see this in every call setup..
>> CRITICAL: dialog [dlg_hash.c:591]: bogus event 6 in state 2 for
>> dlg 0xaf933bd0 [3739:1530909163] with clid
>> '5959362a340dfa7938cf52ae1ba4b9d7 at my.proxy.com
>> <mailto:5959362a340dfa7938cf52ae1ba4b9d7 at my.proxy.com>' and tags
>> 'as5b636a8a' ''
>> I am running SIP-Router 3.01
>> I note this
>> thread: http://www.mail-archive.com/sr-dev@lists.sip-router.org/msg05668.html
>> but it's inconclusive.
> The conclusion took place in a different thread: Daniel committed a
> patch to master on 2 July
> http://lists.sip-router.org/pipermail/sr-dev/2010-July/008097.html
> and asked people to test the patch on 5 July prior to backporting it
> into 3.0:
> http://lists.sip-router.org/pipermail/sr-dev/2010-July/008109.html
> Klaus Feichtinger took the time for validation, and things seem to be
> looking good. However, AFAICS the patch wasn't brought into 3.0 which
> means that you still run on a race-conditioned version of SIP-Router
> that causes the log message to appear quite frequently yet.
> Daniel, considering Klaus' successful test runs would it be acceptable
> to get the patch (commit f1c35c1325) into 3.0 from your point of view?

it is backported, I did many cherry-picks resulting in a single email 
with bulk commits to kamailio_3.0 content:


>> It doesn't seem to cause any issue but I would like to get it sorted.
> It definitely doesn't cause any critical issues to the proper working of
> SIP-Router. The worst it can do is mess up a call's dialog state when
> the race condition kicks in. Once the race condition is ruled out,
> occurrences of the message boil down to broken UAs as Henning pointed
> out already.
> HTH,
> --Timo

Daniel-Constantin Mierla

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