[Serusers] proxy_challenge and E60

Martin Hoffmann hn at nvnc.de
Sun Jan 14 15:18:23 CET 2007

Stefan Tichy wrote:
> a nokia E60 is registered to SER 0.9.6. The response to a INVITE by
> the E60 is not a proper 407 response but just a small UDP paket (46
> bytes). I cannot be shure that it is really the response and not
> some data send from time to time, but there is no other response.
> Ethereal does not identify this paket as SIP

Sounds funny. I think there is no way of saying more without the actual
trace (if you don't want to publish it, contact me via PM).

> The INVITE itself looks not bad and does work for asterisk 1.4
> server and other systems. Even if the INVITE would contain garbage
> SER should send some SIP response with 5XX code. It is strange.

(JFTR: 400 Bad Request)
Depends, if SER can't determine the return address or for some reason
(well, NAT, obviously) gets the wrong one you may see no message at all.
Try force_rport() to rule out this possibility.


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