[Serusers] proxy_challenge and E60

Stefan Tichy seruser at pi4tel.de
Sat Jan 13 17:57:20 CET 2007


a nokia E60 is registered to SER 0.9.6. The response to a INVITE by
the E60 is not a proper 407 response but just a small UDP paket (46
bytes). I cannot be shure that it is really the response and not
some data send from time to time, but there is no other response.
Ethereal does not identify this paket as SIP

if (!proxy_authorize("domain","subscriber")) {

The phone is registered and can be called. Just INVITE does not
work. Compression and security flags in phones config are set to
off. The firmware of the phone is somewhat old, but probably I am
not the only one using E60 with old firmware.

The INVITE itself looks not bad and does work for asterisk 1.4
server and other systems. Even if the INVITE would contain garbage
SER should send some SIP response with 5XX code. It is strange.

Any help appreciated

Stefan Tichy   <seruser at pi4tel.de>

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