[Serusers] Anyone like to finish my SER install for a fee?

Bart Fisher bhfisher at icpage.com
Sun Jan 7 19:59:36 CET 2007

Hello all,

I have SER 0.9.6 installed, along with Mediaproxy 1.8.0, Nathelper, SEMS 
0.9.6, SerWeb 0.9.6 set up as a PSTN gateway on CentOS. However, there 
are some issues with NAT, Accounting (ACC) and the way I setup the web 
access.  Also, I'd like to get to Voice mail and Conference working.  
Basically, I'd want you to take what's there and finish the install so 
everything works together. For an expert, all this is probably a few 
hours job.  There is already SSH access in to the system. 

I started with a "LiveCD - VOIP" version of SER 
(http://www.wifi.com.ar/english/voip.html)  with all the above (almost) 
but found it grossly out-dated and the Author unwilling to assist nor 
update to current releases. FYI: If you are are thinking of purchasing 
this software, save you money!  The only thing nice is there is a 
prepaid billing script that might be converted to current releases.

I just need to 'jump-start' this project to some usable level. I'm 
willing to pay for your time.

If you are interested, please contact me at bart (at) icpage (dot) com.



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