[Serusers] SER 0.9.6 and Media-Server Asterisk 1.4

Martin Hoffmann hn at nvnc.de
Fri Jan 5 22:59:16 CET 2007

Stefan Tichy wrote:
> If it is "pedantic=yes", then asterisk compares the tags in the To
> header fields. There is one tag from phone B and a second from the
> asterisk media server. Asterisk ignores every response not having
> the tag used by phone B.

Interesting use of the word "pedantic".

> IMHO asterisk is wrong, but since I can't controll which asterisk
> servers are used as clients - is there a way to may asterisk happy?
> Would it be possible to remove tags from 1XX responses?


   replace ("/^To:(.*);tag=[^;]*(;.*)/To:\1\2/");

in an onreply_route (you may have to fix the regexp, haven't tried).
Dunno if this is a good idea, though. An UA that actually is pedantic
may throw away the responses. The most likely outcome is that you won't
have any ring tones. Confuses people no end.

You may want to protect this by an

  if (search ("Asterisk")) { }

block and an angry comment.

who has seen cell phones with a better SIP stack then Asterisk.

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