[Serusers] SER 0.9.6 and Media-Server Asterisk 1.4

Stefan Tichy seruser at pi4tel.de
Fri Jan 5 20:57:18 CET 2007

Hi all,

SER 0.9.6 is used as registrar/proxy and asterisk 1.4 as media
server (voicemail, ...)

The situation when phone A calls phone B and B is busy is handled by
a failure route


This works fine, if for example phone A is some Snom 190.
If another asterisk server is used instead of phone A it works if
"pedantic=no" is set in the sip.conf of asterisk.

If it is "pedantic=yes", then asterisk compares the tags in the To
header fields. There is one tag from phone B and a second from the
asterisk media server. Asterisk ignores every response not having
the tag used by phone B.

IMHO asterisk is wrong, but since I can't controll which asterisk
servers are used as clients - is there a way to may asterisk happy?
Would it be possible to remove tags from 1XX responses?

Stefan Tichy <seruser at pi4tel.de>

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