[Serusers] RTPProxy and SER, Multiple Interface Server

Gerardo Amaya ser at gerardoamaya.com
Thu Jan 4 19:46:21 CET 2007

Hello All. After investigating quite a while about this issue I'm kind 
of desperate now, I will appreciate your help on this.

I have a SER Server with multiple interfaces, I'm able to handle all the 
SIP packets with the multi homed enabled. Now the part that I'm having 
real trouble with is the RTP audio streams. After struggling with 
MediaProxy I finally started using RTPProxy for this, since it has 
bridge mode available. Now the problem is that I have more than one 
network to connect audio from, so the internal and external 
configuration is not enough for me. So my questions are:

1.-Can I have RTPProxy Bridge mode working for all the interfaces in my 

2.-Can I have more than one RTPProxy socket available for each of the 
multiple interfaces I'm connecting in order to have the audio working, 
so each route will use the proxy of their own network?

3.-If #2 is true, is this where the force_socket and force_rtp_proxy 
functions play a role in my configuration?

Please help!!

Thanks you so much in advance

Gerardo Amaya

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